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Our world class cleaners are manufactured for use in most industrial cleaning operations.  Roc-Kleen’s family of cleaners - acidic, caustic, and neutral - provide excellent cleaning at an economical price.
6512 - a heavy-duty multi-purpose cleaner.  6512 Cleaner is a mild alkaline multi-purpose liquid that can be used for any conceivable cleaning operation.
6512LF - World Class economical and versatile cleaner, especially effective as an oil breaker in parts cleaners while limiting foam.  Excellent for collecting oil for recycling utilizing Rock Valley Oil’s Full Circle Renewal™.
6512 KH COLD CLEANER - a heavy-duty multi-purpose cleaner designed to be used at ambient temperatures
6600-D - a heavy-duty multi-purpose alkaline cleaner designed for removing heavy soils and grease.
6474 AL - a multi-purpose alkaline cleaner that is safe for aluminum cleaning processes or processes requiring a mild caustic cleaner.
6500 HD - a mild alkaline cleaner suitable for lower temperature cleaning
SB 821 - solvent cleaner used in place of harmful chlorinated solvents
LS-554/555 - an acidic cleaner for pickling, rust removal and laser scale removal
MEK & Acetone - Ketone Family Solvents
Toluene & Xylene - Benzene Free Aromatic Solvents
142 Solvent, Stoddard Solvent, & Mineral Spirits - Aliphatic Solvents

Available Sizes:  5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, Totes & Bulk

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